Lucint develops systems for a wide variety of applications. In the growing precision agriculture market, our ability to capture, calibrate, and process multispectral data is key to maximizing yield. Using small manned aircraft, we collect many thousands of acres quickly and cost-effectively.

For inspection and mapping of utility infrastructure, Lucint collects and processes images of power, gas, and water lines. Surveying construction projects with multiple image collections throughout the effort gauges resource management and productivity. Software generation of 3D data allows precise calculation of volumetrics.

For more information about our multispectral image processing capabalities, see our Image Processing datasheet.

Precision Agriculture

Full color RGB image of irrigated field during an early stage of growing season.

Lucint camera systems collect imagery for a many different crops including hops, berries, and grapes. Collections at precise times in the growing cycle allow monitoring of growth and enable decisions about altering inputs to maximize yield.

Color infrared image of mixed fields and vegetation.

Color infrared, or CIR, images help visualize vegetation health. CIR images include the NIR band, and “shift” the color representation – the collected green band is displayed as blue in the image, red displayed as green, and NIR as red. Healthy vegetation appears red due to high NIR reflectance.

Normalized Vegetation Difference Index (NDVI) image of mixed fields and vegetation.

NDVI is a computed, or derived, image where the difference between the NIR and red bands are normalized by the sum of those bands. (NIR – red) / (NIR + red). The image values are mapped onto a color scheme, where green represents high values and healthy vegetation, while yellow is less healthy, and red is non-vegetation.

Wide Area Mapping

Full color, RGB orthorectified mosaic.

Lucint collects and processes full color imagery to produce geolocated, orthorectified maps for any industry or application.

Additional sample of full color, RGB ortho-rectified map.

Applications for this type of mapping are virtually unlimited, and include land use, forestry, agriculture, civil surveying, and utility inspection. By analyzing changes over time, the dynamics of any land use change are immediately apparent and impact nearly all industries.

Precision 3D surveys

Aerial orthorectified mosaic of quarry site.

The full color RGB composite mosaic image of the quarry site clearly shows the position of equipment at an instant in time.

3D height image of quarry site.

By capturing multiple images, from multiple camera angles, our processing can determine the relative height of features in the image. Combined with survey input, the 3D data is referenced to actual elevation.

3D view of quarry site based on ortho mosaic and computed 3D layer.

The ortho mosaic image overlayed on the 3D image. 3D data collected at multiple times allows precise calculations of volumetric data for mining and construction projects — determining exactly how much material was moved, where and when.