Configurable Multi Camera Systems

Lucint Pod Camera Payload

Lucint In-Cabin Camera Payload

Lucint builds synchronized, multi-band systems for a variety of applications. Our integration experience, coupled with our modular system design, lets us provide customized systems at off-the-shelf pricing. Typical systems pair a visible RGB camera with NIR or thermal bands, or both--ideal for UAV or manned aircraft payloads. Up to six cameras increase the swath width for faster ground coverage. For narrow band spectra, our systems can achieve full resolution in multiple bands from a single sensor.

You can select from a set of camera and filter options, we’ll combine them into the perfect system to meet your requirements. We have both externally mounted camera pods and in-cabin camera payload options.

There are many narrow band filters to select from. Call one of our engineers to discuss your configuration. You will be impressed at how inexpensive it is to customize one of our systems into just the right solution for your application.

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