Lucint builds imaging systems.

Fully-automated and flight-ready, Lucint's multispectral photogrammetry systems provide reliable service in rugged environments.

Automated Photogrammetric Cameras

Lucint provides rugged, industrial-quality cameras, systems, and components. Fragile consumer cameras can't withstand the abuse of long-term commercial field service. And, the short life cycle of consumer cameras limits the potential return on investment. We build tools, not toys.

We design for any aerial or terrestrial platform, many spectral bands, and a wide range of spatial resolutions. Small UAVs can easily carry our Lucint12 camera - a complete aerial imaging system-in-a-box. Our systems, designed for small light manned aircraft, collect thousands of acres of imagery, faster and more cost-effectively than drones.

We have extensive experience designing, building, and integrating multi-camera collection systems that cover the full spectral range from UV to long wave/thermal IR. Image processing experience allows us to deliver useful, actionable final products.

How We Configure Systems

Lucint will rapidly configure a system to meet your imaging requirements. With our modular approach using both commercial off-the-shelf products and hardware of our own design, we can build your system quickly and cost-effectively. We cover UV, RGB visible, NIR, SWIR, and LW, thermal IR bands. Additionally, when the application requires it, we tune the system to narrow spectral bands of interest. In addition to focal plane arrays, we also have experience blending LIDAR data with imagery.

System Configuration

System Configuration

Our modular approach allows us to configure a systems customized to your specifications, at an off-the-shelf price. We can deliver your system quickly and cost effectively.

We cover the spectral range, to cover your requirements. By integrating GPS and IMU systems, we augment the imagery with precise metadata.

Image Processing

Image Processing

We process the collected imagery into useful products. For agricultural applications, we deliver full-color RGB, NIR, color IR, and NDVI imagery. For various construction, utilities, and inspection tasks, we extract 3D information, or overlay the imagery on LIDAR data.

Please discuss your needs with us -- we can develop custom processing algorithms to turn images into answers.

Imaging System Products

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Lucint Camera System Features

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Lucint develops systems for a wide variety of applications. In the growing Ag market, our ability to capture and process multi spectral data is key to maximizing yield. From utility lines to gas leak detection to corona detection, our imaging systems can provide data necessary for safety and maintenance. Surveying construction projects with multiple image collections throughout the effort gauges resource management and productivity. Call us and let’s discuss the specifics of your application.

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Camera Platforms

Manned Aircraft

Manned Aircraft

Given current limits on UAV capabilities and regulations, small light manned aircraft deliver the quickest, and most cost-effective method to cover large areas. Our multi-camera systems were designed for ease of integration.

Heavy Lift UAV

Heavy Lift UAV

For heavy lift multirotor drones, we have developed multi-camera, multispectral systems including RGB, NIR, and long wave thermal imagers.

Drone Camera

Small UAV

Our Lucint12 camera includes a sensor, GPS, lens controller, and processor in a small, light, rugged, weather-proof enclosure. At 19 ounces, medium size UAVs can easily carry this payload.