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Capture and process all in one camera.

Lucint Systems provides complete multispectral imaging cameras and components, featuring rugged, industrial-grade, purpose built cameras and extensive geospatial imagery processing all in one fully integrated solution.

Complete Processing.

Lucint Fuse is a complete image processing capability to turn collected imagery into actionable products. Able to run on Lucint View cameras, in the cloud, or in dedicated ground stations.

Multispectral Systems

Lucint Systems has extensive experience designing, building, and integrating multi-camera collection systems that cover the full spectral range from UV to longwave infrared (LWIR).

Options range from single camera solutions small enough for UAV operations to external, weather sealed manned aircraft pods.

Turnkey Systems

Leveraging the extensive on-board image processing capability and cloud connectivity, complete turnkey systems are available to provide acquisition and processing in a single capability.

Learn more about the Lucint View multispectral cameras and components.

Lucint Fuse logo

Learn more about the Lucint Fuse image processing system, capable of running in-camera, on the cloud, or on dedicated ground stations.

Not Seeing What You Need?
Lucint Systems can build out custom camera, payload, and processing solutions based on your requirements and application. Contact us with your requirements.