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Lucint Fuse processing is a complete imagery management and orthorectification solution for the most complex large scale multispectral datasets.

Lucint Fuse can be deployed to ground processing systems when data processing requirements are on-site, or blend in-camera and cloud processing to quickly turn around complete orthomosaics and 3D products.

Oil refinery sample image
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Manage Data With Ease

A fully web based interface lets you browse, manage, and interact with unprocessed and processed image data in real time.

Switch between different band configurations on the fly to see what multispectral datasets can offer.

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Run Anywhere

Lucint Fuse is designed to run on all Lucint View cameras, dedicated ground processing station hardware, or in the cloud.

Moving data around is expensive, configure your image processing systems at the point of acquisition for faster turnaround times.

State of the Art

Lucint Fuse contains a wide suite of available algorithms to enable not only standard GIS workflows like orthorectification, but can be configured to customer specifications.

  • Orthorectification and image alignment
  • Multispectral band alignment, including thermal
  • Radiometric thermal imagery management
  • Global illumination correction, flatfield calibration
  • Standard GIS format conversion and output for imagery
Lucint Fuse Interface UI
Processing Questions?
Lucint Systems has extensive experience handling multispectral geospatial imagery datasets. Contact us with your quesions or processing requirements.