Lucint View Camera Components

Below are a few of the standard components that can be used to configure custom cameras if a standard model doesn't fit your needs. We have additional options for midwave (MWIR) and longwave (LWIR) thermal.

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Lucint View 31 MP Core


  • 31 megapixels, 6480 x 4871 pixels
  • Sony IMX 342 image sensor, 3.45um pixel
  • Global shutter, color/monochrome
  • E-Mount compatible lens mount
  • Configurable optical filters

Lucint View SWIR Core


  • 1.3 MP: Sony IMX 990, 5um pixel
    0.3 MP: Sony IMX 991, 5um pixel
  • TEC Cooled, global shutter
  • C-Mount lens mount
  • Configurable optical filters

Lucint View C Mount Core


  • 5 or 12 megapixel sensors
  • 5 MP: Sony IMX264
    12 MP: Sony IMX304
  • Global shutter, color/monochrome
  • C-Mount lens mount
  • Configurable optical filters

Lucint View Thermal Core


  • Uncooled Longwave IR (LWIR)
  • 320x240 or 640x480
  • Radiometric and non-radiometric options
  • Various integrated IP rated lens options

Lucint View Control Board

A multi-camera control board capable of controlling up to 3 Lucint View camera cores.


  • 1 to 3 Lucint View cores
  • Up to 1TB onboard SSD storage
  • Various GNSS, WiFi, and WWAN network options
  • Integrated precise image timestamps
  • Nvidia Jetson TX2 compute module running the full Lucint Fuse processing system.


Specifically designed for airborne imaging, the LucintEB (Ethernet Bridge) controls and synchronizes multiple cameras, accurately timestamps the images, and simplifies cabling between the cabin and cameras for manned aircraft. This key component enables our modular design for your customized solution.

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