The Lucint View line of cameras features global image sensors, onboard GPU processing, and internal SSD storage to create a complete photogrammetry system. All Lucint View cameras run the Lucint Fuse image processing system. Single cameras are well suited to UAV installations.

Below are a few standard configurations. Contact us for additional lens and sensor options or for non-housed OEM configurations.

Lucint View 31 Product Photo

Lucint View 31

31 megapixel camera utilizing E-Mount compatble lenses, available with monochrome or color sensors.

Lucint View-M

Multispectral high resolution color, NIR, and thermal in a single package.

Lucint View-T

Up to three thermal cameras in a single enclosure. Ideal for wide area mapping coverage.

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Complete Payloads

Lucint Systems can build complete payloads with integrated AHRS, storage, and cameras in a ready to mount system. Built to specifications for multispectral or multi-swath imaging for any aerial or terrestrial application.

Multispectral Camera Pod

Up to 9 cameras in a single externally mountable, weather sealed pod for the most demanding manned aircraft multispectral imaging applications.

Lightweight Pod

Keep weight down with a basic 2 camera pod. Light enough to be strut mountable.

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OEM Components

Need to build your own system? Utilize our camera and timing components in your own system for a rapid built custom imaging capability.

Lucint PNX

Multi-camera control system interfaces with 3 camera cores, including thermal or visible with GNSS, processing and storage built-in.

31 MP Sensor Core

Utilize a high resolution 31MP camera module in your design with an E-Mount compatible lens mount.

C-Mount Core

Built with either 5MP or 12MP color or monochrome image sensors and custom filter options.

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